Garage Door Panel Repair


There are hundreds of reasons why you may need a specialist to fix your garage door, but one of the most common issues is damaged garage door panel. When you can fix some minor problems with some basic DIY skills, you certainly need experts like Garage Door MN Pros to get your panels fixed because the structural integrity and aesthetic value of your garage door depends on the door panels.

garage door panels repair

In addition, a damaged or broken panel can also damage other moving parts in the garage door, so you need an expert for detailed inspection. A door with damaged panel is also a risk to your family, and often attracts uninvited guests.

Garage Door MN Pros is a same day garage door panel repair services provider based in St. Paul, serving the residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul. No matter if you need a repair service for a commercial garage door or residential garage door, we have the team of highly qualified technicians and well equipped to fix them all.

What is Garage Door Panel and How It Works?

The modern garage doors are sectional, which means they consist of multiple panels. This allows you to not to replace the entire door if one part of the garage door is damaged. You can easily get the panel repaired, or replaced – even in both cases – it costs far less than replacing the entire door.

The garage door consists of several panels, that are joined together. Garage doors with panels are more popular as they are easy to move, and add to the curb appeal of your home.

How do We Repair and Replace Garage Door Panel?

Garage Door MN Pros can fix or replace your garage door panels after a detailed assessment of the problem. Sometimes, it is more cost effective to replace the panels instead of repairing them. No matter what the problem is, we discuss the best possible solution with our clients and do whatever you agrees with.

As a rule of thumb, if only one or two panels are damaged, they can be repaired or replaced, but in case more than two panels are damaged, it is better to replace the entire door. Even with a repair and replacement of one or two panels, the challenge is to match the repaired and replaced panels with the older ones. This is where our garage door services come handy, as we make sure that all the panels look and feel the same.

Whatever the problem is with your garage door cables, springs, openers or panels repair, let our technicians assess the condition, and provide you with the best solution.

As a damaged garage door panel not only damages the structural integrity of the door, but if used, can also damage other parts of the garage door. This is why, it is highly recommended to not to use a garage door with a broken or damaged panel.

And when a team of technicians are just a call away, available 24/7, and ready to get your garage door fixed the same day, why delay? Just get an instant quote, give us a call, and let us do all the technical work for you.


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