How to Adjust And Tighten Garage Door Spring?

Adjusting and tightening the torsion spring to its ideal settings may sound easy but it is not. It requires training, experience, skills and of course the right set of tools. Ideally, when your garage door springs needs adjustment, you should consult a professional garage door repair company because doing it yourself can further damage the spring and you may have to replace it altogether.

garage door spring adjustment

However, some people may still want to do it themselves. In this article we will show how the professionals like us adjust and tighten the garage door spring, so you can do it safely too.

First thing first, you should know that the garage door spring bear the entire weight of the garage door, which is very heavy. They are responsible for the smooth movement of your door.

Warning signs that your garage door springs need adjustment

If you garage door is opening and shutting down perfectly, the spring are working fine but if it is showing these signs, you may need to tighten and adjust the springs.

    • It is harder to operate your garage door. The door is taking longer than usual in opening and closing itself.
    • It is opening too quickly and / or shutting down with a slam.
    • It doesn’t close evenly, that is leaving some space between the ground.

As we said earlier, adjusting the spring might sound easy but a lot goes in it when we actually get down to work. Adjusting and tightening the torsion spring may include the following things.

Decreasing the tension in spring:
We should decrease the tension in garage door spring is the door is opening too slowly or opens and shuts partially. This problem doesn’t seem too damaging but an unbalanced door, which doesn’t operate evenly may cause serious problems to other mechanical parts.

Increasing the spring tension:
If your door starts operating fast, that is opening and closing quickly, then the springs are probably too lose and tension needs to be increased.

Adjusting the tension on one side only

Sometimes, only one of the spring needs adjustment. This particularly happens when there is always a gap between the door and the ground when it shuts down or open.

How To Adjust Garage Door Torsion Spring?

As the springs are responsible for bearing all the weight of the door, we open it first to release all the tension from the springs. Here it is important to make sure that the door is firmly held, if not it may close down hard on someone. Now, the broken garage door spring hook must be removed.

To increase the tension the spring must be moved up a hole and to decrease the tension, we move it down the hole. Also, make sure that the tension is the same on both the springs.

Once that it is done, you must check the door several times by closing and opening it and making sure that it is working fine. If it is still uneven or moving slow or too fast you may need to adjust the tension in the spring again until you get the desired smooth movement.

This can be a time consuming process, so don’t rush through the process.

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