Garage Door Spring Repair


When you can fix some minor issues with your garage door on your own, there are few problems that are more complex, that need specialists and more advanced equipment. One of these serious issues is problems with your springs.

garage door spring repair

When springs are faulty or broken, it increases the risk of accident as they lift the door up and down and works under tremendous tension. This is why; you need to fix it as soon as you feel something is wrong with the garage door springs.

If you are living in Minneapolis or St. Paul, the best garage door spring repair service provider is Garage Door MN Pros. We are a well-recognized – a top rated BBB garage door repair business in the twin cities – with highly work experience and thousands of satisfied and loyal clients.

No matter if you use a commercial garage door or a residential garage door, a traditional garage door or a latest model, we can fix and install them all, including the problems with complex parts like garage door springs.

What is Garage Door Spring?

Garage door springs are the most important part of the functioning garage door. They hold the weight of the door and make it move up and down. Garage door can’t move with broken springs. They come in a pair and use garage door cables to move the door.

Garage Door Spring Types:

Garage doors use two common types of springs:

Torsion Springs:
These are located right above the opening of the garage door. In this type, the springs slid onto a bar.

Extension Springs:
On the other hand, the extension springs are placed alongside the opening of the door.

Both are different, but our team is fully equipped and skilled to repair both types of spring systems.

How Garage Door Spring Works?

Garage door springs are installed with the garage door to counter balance the weight of the door when it moves up or down. For example, if the garage door weighs 80 pounds, the spring force of 80 pounds is used to pull the door up.

Common Problems with Garage Door Springs:

The most common garage door springs problems are the issues with the balance between the two springs, broken spring brackets that are present at the bottom of the door, or simply the springs get too old and need to be replaced.

How Do We Repair and Replace Garage Door Springs?

Our licensed technicians first look for the actual problem and do a detailed inspection of the springs and their condition. If they are repairable, our team can repair the springs, otherwise we can replace the springs. It is also a best practice to replace both springs if there is a problem with one, as it keeps the door balanced for a long time.

As garage door springs are available in different sizes and weights, our team makes sure that your door gets the right size and model for a perfect balance.

If your garage door springs are faulty, don’t wait, as it is a risky business. Springs holds all the weight of the door, so fixing on your own is also very risky. Avoid unwanted accidents and injuries, and let the experts like Garage Door MN Pros do it for you.

What makes us unique is our highly qualified, experienced staff, and same day service. Give us a call, or get a free quote, we are available 24/7. Don’t wait, take advantage of our same day service and get it fixed TODAY!


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