How to Fix, Replace and Install a Garage Door?

The garage doors are one of the most unnoticed things in our houses until they start showing signs of problems. This is when we realize how important garage doors are to our home’s security and how unequipped we are when it comes to fixing them. Of course, there are professional garage door repair service companies that can take of everything but sometimes fixing them yourself is the best thing to do.

In this article, we will show you how you can take care of the most common problems in the garage doors yourself. Also, be advised that for bigger and serious problems related to garage doors, it is always wise to consult a professional garage door repair company.

So, without any further ado, let’s get down to fixing our garage doors…

How to Fix Broken Garage Door?

The material of the garage door (whether it is wood or metal) may get damaged, rotten or simply just become old with time. The good news is, you can always replace it. Again, we recommend that unless you have people who can help you hold the door while you fix it, going for a professional company might be more helpful.

Check the Hinges: Many garage doors work on hinges. When fixing a broken garage door it is important to check for hinges. If they are in working condition, good – if they are not you will have to replace them. Simply buy new set of hinges and install them according to the manufacturer’s direction. Screwdriver (or screw gun) and some screws is all what you need.

Check the springs: Garage door springs are responsible for the swift up and down motion of the door. If your garage door is operating with jerks, it is time to replace its springs. Remember that springs on your garage door can’t be repaired, so you just have to buy a new one and fix them as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Sometimes, the parts of garage door such as openers, springs, panels and cables are just fine, the only problem is with the balancing. With time and usage, garage doors are bound to become off balance. Cables are the main thing that keeps your garage door on its place and ensures smooth and balanced operation. If you have a unbalanced-balanced garage door, it is time to check the cables – in case of jumped cables, you should replace them immediately.

The tracks can also be a problem for an off balances garage door. Sometimes the tracks simply become old and wears out and sometimes they are just obstructed by debris. Replacement of the tracks is not an easy thing and should not be done in DIY style. However, you can check for anything obstructing the movement on track.

Remove and clean the tracks regularly to ensure swift and balanced movement of your garage door. Remember that it is not a good practice to grease the track of your garage door – doing this can make the overall operation heavy and your door will lose its swiftness.

How To Replace A Garage Door?

Replacing your garage door is not an easy task. You don’t do this daily and it is pretty expensive as well. So, you need to be 100% sure whether to replace your garage door or fix the problems. We will make it easier for you. If your garage door starts showing the signs below, you may need to replace it.

The garage door must start moving the moment you hit the button on the remote. The door is designed to move slowly since it is huge in size and heavy in weight and fast motion can easily hurt someone. Having said that, as soon as you hit the button on your remote. The garage door should start moving immediately. If that is not the case and you notice an unusual slow operating speed – it is time to replace the door.

Noise level is another indicator for garage door replacement. All garage doors make certain level of noise because of the machinery involved in the movement. This noise however, is bearable and doesn’t bother when the garage door is working fine. If the door starts making banging, squeaking, grating, grinding, crunching or other noises then it indicates that your garage door may needs replacement.

Appearance of your garage door is another factor that may push you to replace it. The garage door adds value to your property. An old and out of fashion garage door that doesn’t go with the overall look of the exterior of the house should be replaced.

Functionality of your garage door is also important. You may have purchased the most technologically advanced garage door but it was 20 years back. It has seen 20 winters and 20 summers since then and the technology has become a lot new. If you are impressed with your neighbor’s new garage door that has more advanced functions and option than yours – you may want to replace the door.

Remember that you don’t have to wait for all of these signs to show up before you change your garage door. Just a couple of them should be enough to convince you.

How to Install A New Garage Door?

Installing a new garage door is a big task. Professionals need somewhere around 15 – 20 hours to install a new garage door. If you are thinking about doing it yourself, you should have ample time plus the support of other family members or friends. As a professional garage door repair company, we advise our readers to consult our professionals and request a quote for installing a new garage door as doing it yourself may damage the garage door or even end up in an injury.

Following steps are involved in installing a new garage door…

  • Releasing the tension
  • Disconnecting the existing door and openers with it
  • Installing new door panels
  • Installing the tracks and the hinges
  • Bolt the tracks together
  • Installing the springs
  • Installing pulleys and torsion rods
  • Attaching the cables
  • Tightening the springs
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