How To Repair A Garage Door Opener, Cable, Spring And Panel?

When it comes to repairing a garage door there are some common problems that most of us often come across. The majority of time when your garage door ceases to operate or doesn’t operate swiftly, it is the garage door opener, cable or springs that have to be blamed. These parts are considered specialist parts of a garage door and either requires a professional garage door repair company or a trained person to fix them.

These parts are also the most used ones in a garage door and thus require special care. In this article, we will try to educate our readers so that they can identify the fault in these parts and repair them all by themselves.

Garage Door Opener
Let’s starts with the garage door opener. The most common problem is when your garage door doesn’t operate with the remote control nor with the switch.

Check whether the door opening outlet is properly plugged in. It may also be the case that the fuse, circuit breaker or the GFCI is burned out or tripped. After checking all the plugs, if your garage door isn’t working, you may need to replace the fuse or reset the breaker. After replacing the fuse, if your door continues to trouble you, the opener’s motor might be faulty and you may need to replace it.

Garage Door Springs
With the passage of time, springs of your garage door tend to wear out. Your garage door is a heavy unit and what makes it light and easier to lift is the spring. When you door starts operating slowly and make creaky noises, the chances are you have a faulty spring. An aging garage door spring tends to put considerable amount of weight on the openers of the door and may cause them to stop working.

So, as soon as you start spotting signs of a faulty spring, it is best to replace them at the earliest to prevent further damage. It is also important to know that garage door springs can’t be repaired, they have to be replaced. Read below for how to do that…

Springs on your garage door are always under great tension and this where it becomes dangerous to replace them. To tackle the tension, hold the spring with a winding bar and take off the spring from the rod. Do this by slowly unwinding the spring from both ends with the help of winding rods.

It is also important to be aware of the parts that may be effected when the spring slips or breaks. These parts are pulleys, cables, the door itself. You should always choose the best quality of spring for your door.

Moving On To The Cables…
The cables in your garage door system is a part of the pulley. It is responsible for lifting up and lowering the garage door. Sometimes, the cables can cause the whole system to stop. This happens when suddenly the garage door cable snaps. The cables are not very expensive and easy to replace – the only thing that should be remembered is that these cables are usually under high tension as they lift the whole weight of the door.

When replacing them, it is best to do that when the door is either fully lifted or brought down. Again, garage door cable can’t usually be repaired and it is best to replace them. For proper maintenance, we advise our readers to keep them lubricated regularly.

Garage Door Panels
The garage door panel is one of the sturdy parts of the entire garage door system. However with time, it faces wear and tear, bumps, color fade, etc. This is the time you may want to replace the panel. Order the correct panel from the best manufacturer in your area.

Remember that not all panels will compliment your garage door. To remove the garage door, open the door manually (after unplugging the door opener) and then slowly removing the springs.

Removing the panels is a time consuming process especially if your desired panel is not at the top. You will have to remove one panel at a time. Once you have removed the panel, fix the new panel carefully. Tighten the panel with bolt or screws and keep fixing the panels you have removed in the same way.

When it comes to fixing your garage door, the professionals can do that in considerably less time. If you have decided to do it yourself, we recommend being very cautious and don’t rush through the process as it can easily consume some good amount of time.

Choosing between a garage door repair company and fixing your garage door yourself can always be a tough decision to take. We recommend going for a professional garage door repair company like Garage Door Pros if you can as the DIY style may further damage your door. If choosing to do it yourself, just be extra cautious and research as much as you can before you start fixing the garage door.

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